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HR & Payroll Management System


A good HR & Payroll software is a given if you want to steer your business to success. It should not only be capable of presenting a quick summary or detailed presentation of profits and losses along with your other financial transactions: it should also keep you meeting the legal requirements of the specific region or country where your business is operating.


HR & Payroll management software Modules:

  • Accounts System (with chart of accounts and all the accounts features almost)
  • Asset Management System
  • Employee Attendence System
  • Best Employee Award System
  • Full Employee Recruitment Process
  • Loan System
  • Employee Leave System
  • Notification System
  • Payroll System
  • Tax System
  • Lots of Reports
  • Role Permission System


It is a fully web-based HR & Payroll management software provides awesome modules, 24/7 customer support, and data security.


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